Properties of Rayon That Makes It Popular for Manufacturing Fashion Garments

While cotton gives a very crisp and defined look, rayon on the other hand has gained popularity among many fashion enthusiasts as the look and feel provided by this fabric is more soft and drapey.

It is a fabric that is often referred to as “sunrays” is the first known synthetic fiber used commercially. Since it is a very breathable fabric it has become a part of most wardrobes worldwide.

You can buy the best quality rayon fabric from Wujiang Zhenzhou Air-jet Loom Weaving Factory in China where approximately 80 million meter fabric is manufactured every year and their garment fabrics are exported to 50 plus countries and all major FMCG brands. Their well-designed industrial setup is known to produce a variety of fabrics including cotton, rayon, linen, and Tencel to meet all fashion needs.

How is Rayon made?

It is also called faux silk or artificial silk because it has the softness and feel very much similar to silk but it is made from semi-synthetic regenerated cellulose fiber. It is a fabric that can be afforded by everyone and is also called a cheaper silk alternative.

The cellulose fibers to make rayon are extracted from the wood pulp of trees like bamboo, pine trees, sugarcane, etc. This cellulose is first liquefied through chemical processing to produce cellulose filaments which are then further processed through various techniques to form the fabric which we popularly call rayon. This processing gives the fabric a soft, buttery feel.

There 3 main types of rayon available for making garments are:

  1. Lyocell:

  • Production of Lyocell does not use carbon disulfide for dissolving the pieces of alkali cellulose, and hence, it is more stable and eco-friendly.
  • It is expensive than viscose and hence, is less popularly used.

  1. Viscose:

  • It is the earliest known rayon.
  • It is also the fabric that requires the most maintenance out of all 3 because it loses its shape under water very quickly.

  1. Modal:

  • The production uses the viscose method, but instead of long filaments, shorter filaments are produced giving this fabric a luxurious and softer feel.
  • Additionally, beech trees are used for obtaining wood pulp for making modal Rayon.
  • This fabric for its luxurious feel is the most expensive of all 3. 

Tips to care for your rayon garments

  • Use mild detergent and cold water to gently wash the garment made of rayon. Do not machine wash.
  • While drying the fabric after the washing cycle, flat dry the garment instead of hanging it as the wet garment made from rayon can lose its shape quickly.
  • Buy rayon blends instead of pure rayon as this will increase the life of the garment without compromising on the feel that rayon provides.
  • Avoid accidental spillage or even water on the garment because it can leave a permanent ring stain on the garment.

It is best to hand wash or dry clean a rayon garment as it can stretch or bleed easily. Rayon is not very durable and many times it is combined with other fabrics to make better garments in terms of strength and fit that last longer.


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