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We have our own yarn factory and weaving factory, with experienced analysts, and can produce verious kinds of grey fabric to meet customer’s requirment.

With a variety of dyeing, printing, setting, alkali deweighting, grinding, computer color separation, ink jet, wax spray, screen system and computer color matching, automatic dripping, infrared small prototype production and other advanced production and auxiliary equipment, the annual processing capacity of 100 million meters of large private enterprises.

Put the cloth, dye, and auxiliary in the dyeing tank. With proper temperature, specific holding time (different types of cloth, dyes, additives, temperatures can differ), and selected fibers, fabrics come out of the machines are dyed. 

After the cloth is dehydrated, it will enter the drying process. During the drying process, dryers are used to continuously roll the volatile water until fabrics are dried.

Cloth inspection: focus on stains, left and right color difference, head and tail color difference, poor hand feeling, oil stain, color flower, roving, color stain, etc.

Packaging: Depending on the nature of the fabric, it can be packed in either a pack or a roll or a plastic bag or a snakeskin pouch. And must be noted on the hoe: section number, color, quantity, cylinder number, color number, date, order number, volume number, etc.

Packaged fabrics passing the quality tests will be shipped (issued to the relevant factory or the company’s warehouse according to the company’s program requirements).